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1600 Villa St., Unit 291
Mountain View, CA 94041


YouEye specializes in online user testing for website owners and developers seeking to optimize user experience. By tracking a test user’s interface through screen shots, web camera and microphone, YouEye can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of any website from the perspective of the end user. Clients can hire YouEye testers who work from remote sites such as a home computer to complete the user tests and give feedback.

YouEye screens testers to ensure they are fluent in English and are U.S. residents. YouEye’s recording technology is compatible across platforms and browsers and is easy to use. A computer with a web camera, a microphone and Internet access is required.

YouEye does not disclose compensation rates for testers on its website, but one review of the company states that compensation averages about $7 per test. Be sure to verify pay and other information about this relatively new company before deciding if it is right for you.

How to apply
YouEye has maintained a closed directory of testers but recently indicated plans to open it to the public. According to its Support Center, most testers are now sourced through TaskRabbit. To join TaskRabbit, go to http://www.taskrabbit.com/who-are-the-taskrabbits. For further information and updates, go to YouEye’s Support Center at http://support.youeye.com/customer/portal/topics/90397-user-testing/questions.

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