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Uber is a ride-sharing service, which—through their apps—connects drivers with riders. Riders can request a pick-up, track their driver’s progress, and pay their driver after their ride has finished all through the Uber apps. Drivers can accept rides, get paid, and make money on the side within days of getting approved as an Uber driver.

Uber has provided an excellent means of making extra cash for those with extra time…

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Lyft connects passengers with nearby drivers through their smartphone app. Payments to drivers are made via the app, allowing for a cash-less transaction. There are two types of Lyft rides: Lyft and Lyft Plus (SUVs).

Have a few extra hours on the weekend or in the evening? Lyft can help you pick up a few fares, allowing you to make extra cash with no investment required from your end. The…

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Crafty people and artisans will love Etsy! Etsy allows those skilled at creating homemade goods an easy option for selling products online. The global e-commerce website specializes in the sale and purchase of handmade as well as vintage products. The website has been compared to a craft fair where customers can purchase unique products from talented artisans. In exchange for a small fee, Etsy provides sellers with turnkey solutions…

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Clark Fork Communications

Clark Fork Communications provides high quality, professional and confidential transcription, data processing and market research services to their international clients. The company provides these services with the help of hundreds of home-based workers across the United States.

Attention all researchers, editors and transcribers! If you’re in the market for an exciting and satisfying at-home opportunity with a solid, reputable company, Clark Fork Communications has exactly what you’re…

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Caption Colorado

Caption Colorado is a leading provider of quality real-time television captioning services for the hearing impaired. Their extensive client list includes some of the best newsrooms and sports cable networks in the television industry today.

The company is able to offer their services with the help of their team of real-time television captioners that work all across North America from the comfort of their homes, providing this necessary service to…

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A Stat Transcription

A Stat Transcription is a leading medical documentation company based in the United States. The company has been serving a number of top-notch healthcare facilities across North America since it was founded in 2000.

A Stat Transcription is able to provide their clients these first-class medical documentation services thanks to their state-of-the-art transcription technology and the best medical transcriptionists there are out there! And – good news – they’re…

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Cambridge Transcriptions

Cambridge Transcriptions offers first-rate transcription services to a number of high powered legal clients across the country. They have in-depth experience and a successful reputation handling the transcription of court proceedings, interviews, depositions, conference calls and a wide variety of other important legal events. Cambridge Transcriptions is able to provide their transcription services with the help of a remote team of skilled home-based transcriptionists.

The company is constantly on…

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TaskRabbit puts people with tasks in touch with friendly, reliable individuals that are ready and willing to complete them. These tasks are performed by a herd of TaskRabbits located across the United States. TaskRabbits can help with just about anything that needs doing. Be it grocery shopping, house chores, deliveries, office help, handyman services or virtual assistance, TaskRabbit is the solution!

The company is on the lookout for enthusiastic…

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VoiceLog is the world’s #1 provider of third party verification services in the United States. Their operators receive live verification calls for telephone companies and other service industries looking to help combat evil sales fraud.

Hear that? You could be a superhero. VoiceLog is looking for English, Spanish or bi-lingual independent contractors to work flexible hours as live operators. Could this be the perfect opportunity for you? Find out…

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Textbroker is an online article writing service for unique written content created to meet client specifications. Whether they need a quick snippet for a website, a well-researched paper or a sharp press release, Textbroker’s authors are up to the challenge!

You don’t need to be a professional writer to participate. Whether you’re a budding wordsmith or an award-winning journalist, Textbroker is an awesome way to earn money doing…

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