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vWorker is a virtual employment platform through which employers and freelance workers in diverse fields can connect for outsource contracting. Job projects in numerous categories are available for freelancers to bid on, including: business services, administrative support, marketing, management, writing, web and software design, multimedia, and programming among many others.

Looking to earn a living while working comfortably out of your home? Continue reading to find out how!

Getting Started

Registration with vWorker is free and jobs are open to U.S. residents as well as foreign-based contractors.

vWorker makes it easy: there aren’t any specific application requirements you must meet. All you need to get started is a computer and an Internet connection, good communication skills and a marketable skill. The hardest part will be deciding which of your many skills you want to offer!

Creating a profile is your first step to getting started. You can do this by logging on to the vWorker website. This profile acts as your resume and grants you access to all the available work the company has to offer. Your profile will allow prospective employers to view your work history, portfolio and, once you earn them, your ratings.

Earning Money

Now that your profile is active and complete, you can begin to search through all the available jobs that vWorker has to offer you. You also have the opportunity to sign up for the daily newsletter and receive a personalized e-mail with all the new projects that match your skills and specializations. This means less work for you. Why not give it a try?

Once you find a project that interests you, you’ll need to bid on it. The company uses a blind bidding system that discourages bidding competitions and preserves higher, more realistic payments for you.

Bidding is simple. At the bottom of the job posting, just enter your bid amount and an optional message explaining why you’re a good fit. If your bid is chosen by the employer as the winner (usually after a little negotiation back and forth), you’ll receive an e-mail notification.

As soon as you’re hired, it’s time to get to work. Maintain open and regular communication with the employer so that you are always on the same page.

The employer will give you a rating after you’ve finished the job. Every rating you receive is public and affects any future job offers. Doing your best and following employer instructions is your best bet for securing positive feedback and more work in the future.

Employers and freelancers negotiate either per project or hourly rates for each job individually and as a result, compensation varies.

Getting Paid

With vWorker, you don’t have to worry about hounding customers for payment. The company takes care of all that for you. vWorker guarantees your payment. This leaves you free to concentrate on more important and productive things, like growing your business and making more money.

vWorker doesn’t charge you a signup fee, bidding privilege fee or monthly membership fee. The company only gets paid if you get paid. Once you do, they take a percentage of the final amount, which ranges from anywhere between 6% and 15%. So it costs you nothing to give it a try!

Payment can be made once or twice per month – it’s up to you. As for payment method, vWorker lets contractors choose from a number of options including PayPal, mailed checks and Payoneer in the U.S.

Whichever account you choose will be credited with the agreed amount, minus the service fee.

Is vWorker right for me?

If you’re great at what you do and you value variety in your work, there is no doubt in our minds that vWorker is for you.

If you have a driving force to work from home, this is your solution. You’ll love the convenience and comfort that comes with working on exciting and challenging jobs as a vWorker contractor.

When it comes to work, vWorker believes it should be you that decides how much and how often. We’re guessing you would agree.

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