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20545 Center Ridge Road, Suite 300
Rocky River, Ohio 44116
1-440-331-9962 ext. 3202 (Cleveland area)


Vera-A-Fast Corporation specializes in customer acquisition and customer retention services, primarily consumer service verification for newspapers and phone directory publishers.  If you take a look at their website you might be a little underwhelmed but don’t let the website fool you, Ver-A-Fast Corporation is one of the largest verification companies in the United States.

The company’s workforce consists of a large contingent of work-at-home customer service representatives who complete various outbound call verification and sales tasks on behalf of client companies from the comfort and convenience of their homes.

Getting Started

You must be at least 18 years old in order to apply as a Ver-A-Fast customer service representative. You will need a social security number and a state issued photo ID in order to work for the company.

Ver-A-Fast looks for people with great customer service and communication skills. Previous call center experience is an asset. Basic typing and personal computer skills are also useful.

Ver-A-Fast customer service representatives need their own home office. Your office should be a quiet work area where you can focus without interruptions. You’ll also need a Windows-based PC, a compatible printer and a reliable Internet connection. A complete list of home office specifications are listed in detail on the company’s website.

If you meet these requirements, your next step is to call human resources at (800) 587-4052 or fill out the online questionnaire so that you can be considered for the position. Don’t just send a resume hoping to get called…they won’t respond.

The online questionnaire, will ask detailed questions about your education, work experience, availability, workload and work-family balance. The questionnaire is quite lengthy and while you do not have to answer every single question, keep in mind that questionnaires with all required fields completed are given priority.

At this point of the application, you can download a copy of a call script for of the company’s frequent projects. You should read and print the page and have it ready when you’re contacted for an interview. This script will be used in a role-playing exercise.

Submit your questionnaire when you are finished. Ver-A-Fast will review your submission questionnaire. When they have a position open that matches your skills and experience, they will contact you as soon as possible for a phone interview.

Earning Money

Congratulations! As Ver-A-Fast’s newest customer service representative, you can begin managing client accounts and earning cash!

Have you ever had a newspaper call and ask if you are happy with your subscription or if you would like a free gift or some free issues? Your new job would consist mostly of making such calls.

These outbound customer service calls will be made from your home office on behalf of the company’s newspaper clients and their needs. In most instances, you are checking in on customer satisfaction, probing for any comments or feedback and reporting back to the newspaper so that they are able to assess the information and take the appropriate actions.

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