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User Testing 2672 Bayshore Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 1-800-903-9493

UserTesting offers quick and inexpensive usability testing services to clients and website owners. The company offers this service through crowd-sourcing. Crowd-sourcing is a business model where tasks, which are traditionally done by specific individuals, are sourced to a group of people through an open call instead.

Website owners will pay to have a real person try out a website. This gives the website owners legitimate feedback on their website before it launches. Most often, they are looking to discover where their website might be confusing or unclear.

This is where user testers come in. Working for means working from home and sending your feedback after the job is complete. Testers provide feedback in the form of a video that documents their interactions with the website. Testers also supply written summaries with suggestions for improvement.

Getting Started

To get started as a user tester, you need to fill out a quick online information form that helps match you with appropriate user testing opportunities. The form will ask for basic demographic information like your age, gender and location. Your computer experience and communication skills will be addressed as well.

After you fill out the form, you will be asked to do a sample video where you record your screen and verbal comments as you browse through a trial website. This is so that can see how effectively you can work your way around a website while thinking out loud. You will be able to start working on paying jobs once your sample test gets a good rating from the screeners.

You will start receiving e-mails notifying you about job openings almost immediately. You’ll only receive work opportunities if your demographic profile matches the target audience of the websites being tested. There is almost never a shortage of work because new openings are posted daily.  Nevertheless, we wouldn’t recommend this as a full time income source.  If we had to ballpark it, we’d estimate a good tester can make anywhere from $100 to $200+ a month.

It’s worth noting that there are several other user testing companies in the market so if you want to try to increase your earnings, we’d recommend signing up for more than just one company. This will increase the number of websites that you can review and therefore the amount of money that you can earn!

There are a few requirements you have to meet before you can begin to work with As a user tester, you must have a computer – either Mac or PC – that meets the requirements outlined on the company website. You will also need a microphone and a fast Internet connection. Once you’ve got that all sorted out, you’re all set to earn some quick cash.

Earning Money

Whenever your demographic profile matches a client’s target audience, you are given the opportunity to test their website. Time to get started!

Use the software provided by the company to record a video of what’s happening on your screen. This includes mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes. Your spoken comments while you use the website will also be recorded. You need to talk your way through every click and scroll so that the website owner understands what you are thinking.

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