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Textbroker International LLC
9500 West Flamingo Road, Suite 202
Las Vegas, Nevada 89147


Textbroker is an online article writing service for unique written content created to meet client specifications. Whether they need a quick snippet for a website, a well-researched paper or a sharp press release, Textbroker’s authors are up to the challenge!

You don’t need to be a professional writer to participate. Whether you’re a budding wordsmith or an award-winning journalist, Textbroker is an awesome way to earn money doing what you love. Continue reading to find out how you can begin writing yourself to a paycheck!

Getting Started

All you need to get started is a computer, Internet connection, word processing software and your creativity! While it’s true that you don’t have to be a professional writer to join, proper spelling and grammar is definitely a must.

Textbroker is accepting authors from all over the United States. Signing up is easy. Simply open up a free, no obligation author account on the Textbroker website and begin browsing open assignments instantly!

Earning Money

Once you’re all signed up you can begin browsing through Textbroker’s public assignment list, called Open Orders. To say Textbroker offers variety in their work would be an understatement. Over 10,000 content orders come in every month and there are thousands of topics to choose from! From topics like global warming to Paris Hilton, there are plenty of interesting articles ready for you to write.

Once you choose an interesting assignment, it’s time to put pen to paper. Unleash your creativity! When you’re finished, remember to submit the masterpiece to your editor. He or she will give you important feedback to keep in mind for next time.

All Open Orders at a set per-word rate which is clearly outlined in the assignment description. However, if your skills really impress a client, they can request you specifically for future assignments with a Direct Order request. When you receive one of these, you’re able to set your own price. This is your chance to be an entrepreneur!

Unlike other writing services, Textbroker doesn’t ask for a minimum or maximum writing commitment. You’re free to write as much or as little as you want, whenever you want. So, you don’t have to worry if you ever suffer a serious bout of writer’s block, your author account will stay open until you state otherwise.

Now on to the stuff you really care about: payment. Textbroker Open Orders pay a fixed rate per word based on the quality of the article. See the chart below:

Quality Rating Price per word Price per 1 letter page (approximate)
2 stars: legible 0.7 cents $3.50 USD
3 stars: good quality 1.0 cents $5 USD
4 stars: excellent quality 1.4 cents $7 USD
5 stars: professional quality 5.0 cents $25 USD

The better you write the more you can earn! This is great motivation to improve on your writing skills.

Getting Paid

At Textbroker, payment is easy and reliable. You are paid for your work immediately upon acceptance by the client. You can see the funds in your Textbroker account at anytime by logging into the website.

Textbroker makes payments every week via PayPal. As long as there is a minimum of $10 USD in your account, you are free to request payment. Your earnings will be received within 1 day following your payment requests. Even more, you’ll receive your full earnings because Textbroker takes care of all the PayPal fees, too.

Is Textbroker right for me?

Is writing your hobby, passion or profession? If so, this is an excellent opportunity for you. With Textbroker, you can improve on your skills while beefing up your portfolio.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or you’re just starting out, Textbroker gives you the opportunity to earn cash for each and every word you write. Apply as an author today!

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