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If you love dogs, then Rover is the perfect way to earn extra cash! Rover is a dog-sitting service that connects dog-sitters with dog-owners, allowing dog lovers to earn some extra cash while spending time with man’s best friend.

There are two types of services you can sign up to provide: home-sitting or traveling sitting. Home-sitting requires sitters to care for the dog at their own home, while traveling sitting requires sitters travel to the dog owner’s home. With the latter option sitters can choose to either drop-in at certain times (to feed or walk the dog), or stay overnight at the owner’s home, based on mutual agreement between the owner and sitter.

It is important that you follow all local laws and regulations. While these usually only apply to facilities that handle a large number of dogs, you should look into them to avoid potential issues before applying to become a sitter through Rover.

Getting Started
Signing up with Rover is completely free. To get started, simply complete your profile, get verified, and start marketing to clients.

Setting up a profile on Rover is as simple as providing a brief personal description, the service(s) you offer, images, and a reference. Make sure you are clear about the services you do and do not offer in your description (e.g. home-sitting, dog-sitting, etc). You should provide one photo of yourself and at least two of your home (if you don’t provide home-sitting, you can add two pictures of yourself with dogs). Your references should be able to qualify and sing the praises of your dog-sitting services in the past or verify your care-taking experience with animals in general.

To give potential clients peace of mind (and possibly increase your earnings), consider submitting to Rover’s voluntary background check. Sitters who pass the test have a verification badge added to their profile. During this check, Rover confirms your citizenship and social security number, as well as researches your driving record and criminal history for a fee of $5.25. Background checks do not include your credit history and take 1-3 days to complete. When signing up for the background check, make sure you have your current name, previous names (if any), social security number, date of birth, last 10 years addresses and citizenship status information at hand to provide to First Advantage, who runs the background checks for Rover. The information you provide for your background check is accessible only to Rover’s background check specialists.

Earning Money

Sitters on Rover are free to set their own rates. Most charge between $30 and $60 per day. Rates vary based on city, type of service required, and number of dogs (some sitters offer discounted rates for additional pups). Rover charges 15% of the stay fees to cover your use of the website, premium insurance as well as 24/7 emergency support. You can choose to redeem your net earnings via Paypal or via check. It is possible to earn over $1000 per month, but you’ll need to make your services marketable to appeal to potential clients.

To make the most of the platform Rover offers, you should take some additional steps to increase your earnings potential. In addition to submitting for the background check, take Rover’s Sitter Success Training and Traveling Sitter Success Training quizzes after reading through their Rover Sitter Success Handbook. Passing these quizzes will add another badge to your profile, further validating your skills for the job as well as imparting pet-sitting tips and tricks that can help you offer better services.

Make sure your profile is well-written and describes the services you offer clearly to avoid confusion. Add high-quality images and photos for personalization and to give potential clients a glimpse of your home. Also, ask friends and family to add testimonials to your profile talking about your love for, and experience in handling dogs.

When starting out, set your price a little below the market average to attract new clients. And once you have clients, upload images of their happy pet during the stay to the Rover website. Always make sure to provide exceptional service and ask clients to leave a positive review on the website. Implementing these techniques will help you attract more clients.

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