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Rapidworkers is a provider of crowdsourced Internet and social marketing publicity services. Clients go to to create low-cost campaigns that will help them increase online traffic to their websites, boosting overall sales.

Clients list many different types of campaigns on, but the most popular include: requesting Facebook and Twitter followers, posting product reviews, and writing blogs. These campaigns are contracted to thousands of international online workers who complete these small tasks for pay.

Getting Started

Getting started with literally couldn’t be any easier. Workers from any country are invited to jump in and create an account with

The online application form is free and quick. Just fill out your name, contact information and location. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. You’ll be ready to start browsing tasks at once you verify your e-mail address.

Earning Money makes earning money easy. You already have $1 just for signing up!

Now that you’re a registered worker, you can look through all of the available jobs that are posted on the website. The tasks will outline the instructions, deadline and rate of pay.

The choice is yours! Only accept the campaigns you would like to do.

There is no limit as to the kinds of tasks that are posted by clients, but common campaigns ask you to blog about a product, post reviews to a website or follow a brand on Facebook or Twitter.

Once you’ve chosen and completed a task, you’ll be asked to submit proof so that the client can see you’ve done the job. The client will verify the proof and decide whether they are satisfied or unsatisfied with your work. Beware: if the client isn’t satisfied and rejects your work, you won’t get paid.

To avoid this, be sure to only accept tasks that you know you can do well and finish on time.
In order to remain in good standing and continue as a worker with the company, you will need to maintain a high percentage of approved task completions.

Each campaign task has its own fixed price, which is determined by the client. Obviously, the tasks that pay more will be more involved and require more of your time. However, also offers many little jobs for minimal pay that can be completed in a short period of time.

You may find that doing many small jobs over one big job will make you more money and be more worthwhile. allows you to experiment with the different types of tasks to find out what’s best for you.

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