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The next time you are looking to purge your closet of items that you no longer use or want, consider using Poshmark to turn your seasonal cleaning into a money-making opportunity. Fashion lovers will find it easy to make money from Poshmark. Poshmark is an app that allows women to buy and sell clothing and accessories from each other’s closets. Poshmark lists hundreds of thousands of items from women’s closets—each offering up to 70% off on retail pricing. Poshmark can be accessed via iPhone, iPad or Android app and is currently available only in the United States.

You can start earning money instantly with Poshmark! All you need are clothing and accessory items you want to sell, clear pictures of the products and you’re good to go.  The start-up is quick and time commitment required is minimal. Selling on Poshmark is easily done as a side-gig as you won’t be spending more than a few hours a week on uploading listings, posting items and shipping.


Getting Started

Download the app or visit the website to create your account. Once you have completed your profile, you can start listing your closet. Take a picture of each item, add a description, a price and list it on the app within minutes.

Once you have made a sale, Poshmark automatically emails you a pre-paid, pre-addressed United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail shipping label. Use this label when shipping your order as the tracking number allows Poshmark to check that the order was shipped. Should you not use this label, and the package gets lost, you will not get paid by Poshmark as they won’t be able to confirm this via the tracking information.

Ship out your sold items as soon as you have the label. The average seller ships the item within two days. If you don’t ship the item promptly, the buyer can cancel the order if the item has not been unshipped by the 7th day after the sale. Additionally, Poshmark automatically cancels unshipped orders on the 14th day after the sale.

Throughout the shipping process Poshmark will keep both you and the buyer updated on the package delivery status. Your funds for the sale are released to you once the delivery is confirmed by USPS.

Earning Money

Only list items on Poshmark that fall within their selling guidelines. Provide accurate descriptions to avoid issues with the buyer later. If a buyer has an issue with a shipped item, they can go to Poshmark and ask them to resolve the dispute.

Use great lighting when taking pictures as buyers want to be able to clearly see the item. You can style or model the item as well, and create a Covershot, which offers a better visual to the buyer. Show any additional damage or stains through extra images, and give all information about the item in the description. Include color, size, materials and measurements in the description to provide an accurate picture to the buyer. Share your listings with friends and family, through Instagram or Pinterest, and with your followers and friends on Poshmark. You can also post listings to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or email them.

Pre-owned items should only be listed if they are in good condition. Poshmark doesn’t allow the sale of replicas or fakes. They also request you only post womens’ clothing and accessories. Don’t list books, electronics or other products.

For additional sales opportunities, participate in Posh Parties, which are real-time shopping events accessible via the app. Each party has a theme, so you can market to targeted groups of buyers.

Users have reportedly made over $400 in just a few months selling only items from their closet. There is potential to make a lot more for fashion-conscious sellers who re-sell products.

Getting Paid

Poshmark takes a fee from sales conducted through their app. For sales under $15, Poshmark charges a flat $2.95 rate. Sales over $15 are charged 20% commission. Poshmark uses these fees to pay all credit card fees, shipping costs as well as customer support. Money is released to your within three days of item delivery.

Once you have received funds for your sale, you can withdraw them via direct deposit or a check. You can also use your earnings against any future purchases you make on Poshmark. When you make a purchase, Poshmark first deducts the amounts from the sales earnings, and then charges your credit card for the remaining balance.

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