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PeoplePerHour.com (PPH) can be thought of as the eBay of business outsourcing. This U.K.-based online marketplace allows businesses to advertise freelance jobs for remote service providers, called “freelancers”, to bid on.

Getting Started

Those interested in becoming PeoplePerHour.com freelancers will need to register online and create a profile. Although the majority of PeoplePerHour.com freelancers are based in the U.K., registration is open to international workers as well.

A PayPal account and secondary payment method, a bank account for example, are requested at the time of registration. This information is used to pay you as soon as possible after you complete a job. Once all the required forms are filled out, you will receive a verification e-mail.

As soon as you verify your e-mail address, you’re ready to begin building your profile. Include your experience and education as well as a lovely, smiling photo of yourself. One nice touch is that newly registered freelancers can import positive feedback from previous work they’ve done outside PPH. So you are able to add references from other jobs to boost your reputation.

Now, let the bidding begin!

Earning Money

Once you’ve completed your profile you can begin to browse the thousands of jobs posted on PeoplePerHour.com. Bid on those that you’re interested in and qualified for. One bid credit is used to make a bid on a job.

You have a fixed number of bid credits depending on your membership type. Here is a closer look at the types of membership you have to choose from.

Standard Gold Platinum
Monthly Fee Free $12.40 $23.32
Service Commission 10% 5.5% 4.5%
Number of Bids/mo 10 40 80
Bidding Categories 2 3 Unlimited
Max. No. Skills in Profile 10 15 20

We recommend you start off with a standard membership and see how you like it. If you find that your account is running low on credits, additional credits can be purchased for a small fee.

As time goes by, you may want to consider upgrading your account if you are using all your bid credits within one month. This way, you get more credits and benefit from a lower commission fee. Of course, the membership type that’s right for you will depend on your specific needs and how often you intend to use the website for work.

There is a wide variety of types of jobs available on PeoplePerHour.com, but information technology, marketing and advertising, and bookkeeping are among the most strongly represented sectors. Other skills for hire include: IT/web/programming, admin/secretarial, accounting/legal, design, marketing/sales/PR, and writing/translation. Whatever your forte, there is work to be found on PeoplePerHour.com!

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