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Opportunities for the Stay-At-Home Mom


A stay-at-home mom often juggles a lot of hats: chauffeur, chef, tutor, nurse to name a few, and for many that is more than enough. Circumstances sometimes require a stay-at-home mom take on one more role – that of a provider.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to supplement family income or simply seeking flexible employment, there is a work opportunity just right for you. Listed below are just a few options. To find one right for you, assess your experience, skills, and interests and then match them with the full listing of opportunities from Ultimate Money Guide.

Popular Work at Home Opportunities for Moms


One of the easiest freelance industries to break into is the content writing and editing market. The work is done entirely on your schedule, so you can work when the kids are down for a nap or at school, making it an extremely flexible option for stay-at-home moms.

Getting started is as simple as writing up a few sample articles in a niche you are interested in and setting up an Elance or Odesk profile. Decide on what rate you will be charging, and start bidding for entry level jobs. It’s always best to start off with one or two small articles for a client before committing to anything long-term. You could also sign up with a company like Textbroker  or HireMyMom which have ongoing assignments available for writers and editors. The convenience of this option is you won’t have to find clients yourself.


Put your listening (and typing) skills to use by becoming a transcriptionist. Transcriptionists are required to listen to audio recordings of meetings, interviews or audio notes, and type them out into readable text. The only skills required are typing and listening, and you can easily fit in a 10-minute block of transcribing during your child’s naptime.

Companies like Clark Fork Communications and Cambridge Transcriptions hire for legal document transcribing while Amphion hires medical transcribers. However, to get started you can sign up with other companies that don’t require specialized background, such as AccuTran Global.

To boost your income, consider signing up at Elance and oDesk to advertise yourself as a transcriptionist. You will be free to set your own rates as well as pick and choose projects. These jobs are more competitive, but have lower barriers to entry as many bloggers and podcasters often hire transcribers to transcribe their podcasts or interviews.

User Testing

User testing for websites is a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms that allow testers to get paid for their opinion. As more and more analytics are made available to businesses about their online presence, businesses are increasingly aware  and vested Is producing well-made websites. User testing requires testers to record their experience with a company website. You might be asked to perform certain functions or go to a certain page. The company is interested in your experience with the website such as how long it takes to reach certain content or how easy the content is to understand.

Userfeel and YouEye both offer user testing projects. The only equipment required is a webcam, a laptop and a reliable Internet connection. Tests can take 15-20 minutes, and you can do as little or as much as you want every day.


If you are proficient in another language, you can use it to your advantage to earn cash. With businesses across the world working together on projects, it has become increasingly valuable to speak more than one language. Translate business documents, meetings, or emails for companies on a flexible schedule.

As a translator, you can work with an agency – such as AccuTran Global – or work through microjob websites like CloudCrowd.  Both have their unique advantages, with agency work being more reliable and microjobs being shorter and requiring less time commitment.


Microjobs are short-term jobs that require little time commitment and offer very low barriers to entry, taking anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to complete.

One popular microjob website is Fiverr where one can advertise gigs that pay $5 per gig. If you have design experience, you could advertise the creation of customized Facebook cover images, setup a few templates, and create a new image in under 5 minutes every time you get an order. Writers, editors, designers and many more are turning to microjob websites to fill the gaps in their days and generate extra income. Other microjob websites to consider include TaskArmy and Microworkers.

With so many opportunities available to stay-at-home moms, there is always a way to earn income from the comfort of your home whenever and how often you like. Determine your strengths, what interests you most, and what works with your schedule or situation to start working and earning cash today!



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