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There are better ways to utilize your down-time than watching re-runs of Seinfeld. Turn your free hours into cash with home-based jobs. Whether you want a flexible schedule job, want to freelance, or are simply looking for disposable income, we have rounded up some of the best and most common options available.

Flexible Schedule Jobs

Flexible schedule jobs, by our definition, allow you to set your own work hours (as many or few as you want) but require you to sign up with an agency or company. This is to help differentiate these jobs from freelancing opportunities.

Agencies that provide virtual assistants, translators, transcriptionists and even writers hire home-based part-time workers. Since you’re working through an agency you don’t have to market to clients directly and have a higher likelihood of being awarded a project. This allows you to spend your free time getting work done instead of submitting bids for jobs or pitching potential clients.


Companies like Demand Media hire writers and editors to work on flexible hours and submit work through their content management system. Writers and editors can choose the assignments they want based on their own interests and schedule. The application process for companies like Demand Media and Textbroker is very straight-forward as all that it requires is a Paypal account and some writing samples.

Virtual Assistant

Administrative tasks are being outsourced to virtual assistants all over the world. If you have administrative experience, you can sign up with a company like Officeteam or Lifebushido to work anywhere from 5 to 20 hours a week. While you may be required to take some skills tests (to prove your understanding of Microsoft Word, for instance), there are additional base requirements such as a computer, reliable Internet and phone.


Transcriptionists are in high-demand, especially in the legal and medical transcription fields. The job requires you to listen to audio recordings and type out everything you hear. Audio files can be of legal proceedings, doctor’s notes, meetings or even podcasts. Companies like A Stat Transcription and Amphion hire transcriptionists specifically in the medical niche, which can be a great part-time opportunity for a retired nurse or medical student.

Freelance Jobs

It’s not necessary to sign-up with an agency to earn extra cash. You can join a marketplace like Elance or Odesk and directly approach clients as well as set your own rates. Job marketplaces like this are easy and free to use, although they do offer subscriptions for additional features. Choose the jobs that interest you, submit a bid and a cover letter and if the client is interested, they’ll get in touch with you. Payments are processed through the marketplace, which typically charge a small fee for use of their services. Common freelance projects include opportunities for graphic designers, website coders, writers, editors, marketers, and even virtual assistants.

Passive Income

Successful blogs and websites can be easily monetized, requiring almost no extra effort on your part, to generate passive income. Two popular ways to earn passive income is through advertising and affiliate marketing using such vehicles as Google AdSense or Amazon’s affiliate program.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a pay-per-click income generation service that places relevant advertisements on your blog or website. Website publishers get paid for every click on the advertisement. The only effort required on your part is adding the Google Adsense code to your website.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income is generated when people buy a product or service you referred. Amazon has a very popular affiliate program, and a lot of mommy-bloggers use it to generate extra income by recommending their favorite products on their blogs. Regardless of the niche of your blog, you can find products with affiliate programs that you can recommend to your readers. The only effort required on your part is adding a tracking link that readers will click on.



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