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JustAnswer is a website that connects qualified experts (that would be you) in over 100 fields with people in need of time-sensitive expert answers. Experts are vetted and are subject to ongoing review by peer experts. JustAnswer’s client base is worldwide, with service available in English, Spanish, Japanese and German.

Before you worry about not being an expert, you should note that expertise is not always based on diplomas or credentials; it can be based on experience. For example, you may be a really good mechanic but not have any certification to that effect. Before you rule this opportunity out for yourself, check out the site and see if you are an expert in some of the fields covered on the website.

Clients set prices for questions they want answered. Payment for each accepted answer is split between JustAnswer and the expert providing the answer. Beginning experts receive 25 percent of payment and work their way up to a 50 percent split with JustAnswer. Clients can opt to pay bonuses to experts, in which case experts receive 50 or 75 percent of the bonus depending on experience level.

Potential experts must be over the age of 18 and fill out an application to be accepted. JustAnswer verifies that all necessary credentials are in good standing. Each category has its own clearly defined credential requirements. Applicants must also take a short test in their chosen subjects.

How to apply
To apply to become an expert, go to http://www.justanswer.com/expert/credential/become_an_expert.aspx

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