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Microjobs: Make money doing quick and easy work

Microjobs: Make money doing quick and easy work

Microjobs are like the 5 and Dime Store from long ago, they are the discount jobs. These fast little tasks literally take seconds to complete and pay anywhere from pennies to dollars depending on the task. Some tasks can take up to 15 to 20 minutes and for obvious reasons offer better pay.

Trying to make ends meet in this time of unemployment, rising gas prices and a slow economy has created a whole legion of online workers. A steady flow of microjobs can mean the difference between hot dogs and beans and a candlelit steak dinner. No one is going to get rich working a microjob but it will certainly help keep the lights on. Many freelance writers, actors/ actresses, and budding entrepreneurs use micro jobs as their primary source of income when their regular work slows down.

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You don’t need a lot of credentials to work on 99% of the available campaigns. If you are reading and understanding this article you have met most of the qualifications.

There are some jobs that require certain skills; most sites have knowledge tests to check your qualifications in areas such as Photoshop, website activities, graphics design, and even translation of short documents.

You will need a computer with an internet connection and a Pay Pal account to receive your payments. Simple enough!

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Hunting and Pecking

All of the sites listed in the Recommended by us section on the upper right of this page and many, many others are free to join. Joining will get you access to that site’s list of active campaigns. Campaigns, as they are called in the micro jobbing world, are JOBS! Finding and completing microjobs is a cinch.

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