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Start A Cleaning Service

Start A Cleaning Service

Sounds interesting, so how do you start a cleaning business?

Starting a cleaning business can be as easy as purchasing cleaning supplies and knocking on doors. But in today’s environment, developing a special niche will give the business owner a leg-up on the cleaning service competitors. To get a feel for your market, just look in the yellow pages to see how many advertisements for cleaning service businesses there are and what niches they offer. If there a lot, don’t let that be a deterrent to you, not all cleaning businesses are created equal and you’ll just have define your niche. For example, many successful cleaning services that guarantee “green” cleaning products are becoming increasingly sought after, both for residential and commercial cleaning. And, many residential customers are shunning the franchise cleaning services due to negative publicity and are looking for a local, independent cleaning company they can trust.

The first step in starting a cleaning service is to determine the market niche the business should start out serving. It does not matter what the intentions are for where the business will be in five or six years. What is important is to determine which niche can be targeted for the fastest growth. Some companies go for the residential business, while others try to break into the local small business and religious organizations market.

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The next step is to develop a business plan defining the total business from marketing, sales and operations to a five-year financial projection. This step is important even if the business owner is not going to borrow money from a bank or venture capital group. It is very important to define the business objectives and step-by-step operational plan before starting the business.

This business plan becomes the guiding principles for the business model. If you’ve never written a business plan before we recommend Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto Software. If you’re tight on funds and can’t afford that right now, you can check out your local SCORE office and get an experienced mentor to walk you through putting together a business plan at no cost to you. SCORE is a great but heavily underutilized resource so don’t make the same mistake everyone else does, use this resource to your advantage! Learn about how SCORE can help your business for free.

Purchasing a Cleaning Service Franchise

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Some people don’t want to go about starting a business on their own and instead prefer to capitalize on the years of experience and resources that franchises have. While franchises can cost several thousands of dollars, they do come with expertise in every aspect of running the business, along with proven strategies and resources. Many even provide assistance in marketing the cleaning business.

The Ladder to Success

Every successful entrepreneur knows that hard work and dedication are the two key ingredients to make a business work. The cleaning service business is like any other start-up business in that the hours are long, the work is hard, and it means knocking on many doors to get a contract and hearing a lot of people saying no. But, it is also a business that can be very financially rewarding once the hurdles of starting out are conquered. This is especially true in the cleaning business because of all the repeat customers.

While the business isn’t sitting at a computer in a tie all day (that’s not for everyone anyway! ), it is a professional, legitimate business that provides a service that every office building, business, church, restaurant and any other business establishment needs. Homeowners are also increasingly seeking out cleaning services to help them while they juggle work and family.

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If you don’t like to clean, this may not be the business for you. That said, once your customers are established and you have solid repeat business, you can always delegate some of the cleaning to others. The key to success is to first establish the business as extremely dependable and trustworthy. Next is finding good, dependable and trustworthy employees. This means that the business owner will probably have to step in and train or perform the cleaning in crunch time and at the start of the business. That focus is what will determine success.

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