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If you are tired of office politics or are looking to make a living on your own terms, take a step towards your own freedom to a place where you can be your own boss. If you are looking for such an opportunity, there are plenty of options out there to be explored.

Working from home requires leveraging your marketable skills and exploring the opportunities that demand them. Most home-based full-time jobs require, at minimum, an office setup with reliable Internet and a laptop (or desktop) but some might have more specific requirements. Read on to learn about some opportunities for people looking for home-based jobs.

Opportunities That Can Become Careers from Home

Customer Service Representative

Customer service is the most common and popular home-based job, with companies like Coca-Cola and JetBlue hiring telecommuting customer service reps. Customer service representatives help consumers  with purchases or orders, troubleshoot issues with software, as well as monitor and respond to inbound calls, emails and social media for customer issues.

Certain personalities are more suited for customer service jobs than others. People who genuinely enjoy helping others with positive, optimistic attitudes are better suited for a career in this industry. Beyond the personality, you’ll also need a home office and a reliable landline phone to allow you to take customer calls in private without being disturbed, as well as a high-speed Internet connection.

More and more companies are beginning to see the importance of investing in a strong customer support team. With the varied ways consumers communicate in today’s world, companies are turning to virtual solutions to serve their customers—making this a potentially lucrative and stable home-based opportunity. Companies like Accolade Support and ACD Direct are great options.

Sales and Telemarketing

Just as with customer service, a lot of companies are employing remote sales and telemarketing staff. This helps reduce overhead and also allows the company to target a wider talent pool.

Sales and telemarketing jobs may require some prior experience in sales, cold-calling or telemarketing. Most of all, being in sales requires strong verbal communication skills as well as a friendly, results driven personality. You will also need a dedicated home office, personal computer and high-speed Internet, and landline phone. Most of these jobs require a significant time commitment, starting from 20 hours a week, and it is not unusual to find full-time (40 hours a week) positions as well.

Some great companies to look into include Vforce, Brighten Employment and iTelesource.


Content writing and editing is an industry that requires nothing more than strong English (or language of your choice) skills. With content marketing, social media, website and blogs becoming more and more important, almost every company is looking to hire someone to assist the content creation process. All manner of content: blog posts, website content, tweets, Facebook updates, and e-commerce descriptions, is available to be written. As a writer or editor, you can have complete flexibility in the kinds of jobs you take on, the hours you work during the day, and the amount of time you spend on each project.

To get started in the writing industry, head over to websites like Demand Media, Helium and Textbroker to find jobs without having to search for clients on your own.

Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing daily tasks such as image search, data entry, formatting or even appointment management is becoming more and more commonplace. Virtual assistant jobs are on the rise, as people become comfortable with the idea of having a remote worker handle tasks that can be easily delegated.

Within the virtual assistant job niche there is plenty of room for specialization. There are virtual assistants who only do research, those that only handle WordPress blog scheduling and posting, and some are more skilled with handling data entry. Based on your skillset, you can establish yourself as a virtual assistant either through your own website, or a company like OfficeTeam or AccuTran Global. The more specialized your services and skills, the more you can expect to make.

Google AdSense

Bloggers and website publishers can take advantage of the simple to setup Google AdSense, which places relevant ads on your website and pays you for each click. It is free to use and can work with any blog or website as all it requires is a few snippets of code embedded on the webpage.

Websites with strong traffic volume will generate a higher income from Google AdSense as compared to a newly created site still attracting an audience.  There is also a minimum payout threshold of $100. Google Adsense is one of the simplest ways to monetize a blog or website without doing any extra work beyond your usual website/blog marketing or content creation. If you already have an established website, Google AdSense can generate passive income and offers a great supplement in combination with other home-based opportunities.

Tips for the Transition

Take it Slow

It is always better to continue working your day job and begin with a suitable part time project (or side job) from home. Doing so will give you ample experience (a year at least) as a freelancer and an understanding of the pros and cons of self-employment. Also, you can gradually start building your clientele and your network to afford future, long-term opportunities.

Be Professional

Since it takes months to build a certain level of trust with the clients, it is important to note that it can only be done through being responsible and accountable to a project.  You should always act professionally (one project can lead to more opportunities!) and always deliver to (or exceed) expectations.  The quality of the work should be the best.

Ensure Productivity By Setting Rules For Yourself

Once you have built your portfolio, experience and client base, you can start to think about whether working from home full-time is for you.

When it comes to working from home, many people envision lots of freedom, working in pajamas or taking long lunches. Even though working from home gives great flexibility, it still should be treated as a professional job. Home-based jobs require self-discipline, organization and excellent time management.

As an individual you must plan the last step towards this transition with professional practices, such as keeping office hours, establishing a dedicated office area, and most of all avoiding any distractions. These tips can keep you focused and lead to a successful home-based career.



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