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eModeration Snapshot

eModeration Limited (London)
The Media Village
131-151 Great Titchfield Street
London, UK W1W 5BB

eModeration Inc. (NY)
95 Morton Street, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10014

eModeration Inc. (CA)
15303 Ventura Blvd., Suite 900
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
44-0-20-3178-5050 (London)
1-212-905-3582 (New York)
1-818-574-0829 (California)

* eModeration specifies that all job inquiries and resumes be sent via email only.


eModeration provides social media and user-generated content moderation to companies around the world. Based in London with additional offices in the U.S., eModeration hires work-from-home moderators to manage user content. Moderators are responsible for safeguarding online communities and protecting brand integrity. eModeration founder Tamara Littleton has participated in advising the U.K. government about online child safety issues. At eModeration, cyber-safety for children is strongly prioritized along with other online threats and abuses; its extensive roster of corporate clients includes The Lego Group and MTV.

The company accepts inquiries from experienced and entry-level moderators. Training is provided for those without prior moderation experience. Since eModeration provides services in more than 50 languages as well as in multi-lingual communities, language requirements vary.

Compensation is not disclosed. However, eModeration hires entry-level and experienced moderators, so assume competitive, industry-appropriate pay rates and hours are in effect.

How to apply:
For application instructions and an email contact address, go to http://www.emoderation.com/careers.

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