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Eduwizards is website providing online tutoring services to students around the world. The company offers academic support for an endless variety of subjects. Eduwizards employs some of the best and brightest online tutors out there.

Put your knowledge and expertise into action. Continue reading to find out how you can become an Eduwizards online tutor today!

Getting Started

To become a tutor, Eduwizards asks that you possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Of course, you should have a thorough understanding of the subject you plan to teach and you should only apply to teach the subject, or subjects, you know best. Any teaching or tutoring experience will be a big help!

Eduwizards students span across the globe and online tutors provide sessions via the Internet. So you’ll also need a reliable Internet connection and a headset with microphone in order to connect with all your international students.

To start the application process, simply create a tutor account on the website. You’ll be asked to submit proof of education and certification along with your contact information. Once everything is all filled in, hit ‘submit’ to send your profile off for approval.

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You can check the status of your profile at anytime by logging on to your profile page. As soon as you’re approved, you’ll receive a notification via email. Once you receive this email, you are ready to start as an online tutor at Eduwizards!

Earning Money

First things first: you need to familiarize yourself with Eduwizards software before you begin tutoring. You’ll receive information regarding training via email shortly after you’ve been accepted as a tutor. Have no fear – Eduwizards voice and whiteboard software doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Other tutors report that it’s super user-friendly and really easy to learn.

Eduwizards tutors manage their own tutoring. This means you get to decide what hours to tutor, which subjects to tutor and what price to charge. Be sure to outline your rate and availability in your tutor profile. Eduwizards reports that many of their students are from the U.S., so this is something you should definitely take into account when creating your schedule.

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The freedom to set your own price is awesome, but determining what rate to charge can be a bit tricky. Have a look around Eduwizards and see what other tutors are charging for your subject. It’s always recommended that you start low until you build up a nice library of stellar testimonials. Once people see that you’re good at what you do, you can give yourself a pay increase. As long as you charge a minimum of $4 USD, the sky is the limit!

Potential students will find you by using the search function on the Eduwizards website by entering their grade level and the subject. Those tutors who have signed up for that subject will appear in the results along with their hourly wage and student reviews. The tutors with the best reviews will appear first on the list.

The student can then select a tutor and schedule a session. When a student requests a session from you, you will receive an email stating the grade level, subject, exact topic they need help with and the proposed length of the lesson. You can review your requests by logging on to the Eduwizards website and checking them out. This is where you will accept or decline your requests. Once you accept a session, make sure you’re logged on and ready to start on the agreed date and time.

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