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The Internet has made it easier than ever to earn money online. From offering advice, freelancing, or providing small services for a fee, there is an opportunity for everyone in any situation. Money-making opportunities can range from those that require professional skills to those anyone can do.  Choosing one will largely depend on the time you have to dedicate to it, the amount you wish to earn, and the kind of work that interests you most.  To give you an idea of the diverse opportunities available, consider these popular ways to earn money.   

Advice Expert

Do people value your opinion and advice? Are you a financial whiz? Have a passion for cars? Use your knowledge to make some extra bucks by providing consultation services. Work your own hours—and as much as you want—by sharing your expertise with others on the web. Sites like ChaCha and LivePerson are great sites for knowledge sharing and connect people who have questions on varied topics with those who are qualified to answer. Expertise in the topic is a general requirement. Some topics like legal advice will require degrees or certification but others like social media need only know-how and passion for the topic.


Do you have a major in finance? Are you a bookkeeper in your day job? What better way to earn extra income than to leverage your professional skills assisting others in your free time. Find a freelance bookkeeping project at Odesk, PeoplePerHour or AccuTran Global and make hundreds of extra dollars each month. These opportunities require credentials such as a college degree as well as work experience in the field.  As with traditional employment, you’ll need to prove you are qualified for the job.


Homesourcing refers to hiring qualified home-based employees for business related jobs. Many companies now turn to home-based employees to fulfill roles in customer service, IT, technical writing and accounting—just to name a few. You can explore such jobs on VeraFast, West Corporation or ACD Direct. To pursue these opportunities, you’ll not only need the skills but also the proper setup at home such as a reliable computer, phone and internet services.


Microjobs are short-term jobs that don’t require a huge time commitment. The process of getting started is as simple as creating a profile on a microjobs website, like Fiverr or TaskArmy, offering a service and accepting gigs to complete. Microjobs tend to pay small amounts per job (can be as low as $1).  This may not sound like much, but the beauty of microjobs is in the volume. With short-term, often quick assignments, microjobbers can commit to a high volume of jobs. Gigs vary, and can be as simple as sending a tweet to your thousands of followers to something more technical such as designing a logo. Look around to see which platform offers the kinds of work you are most suited for.

Sell Online

eBay and Etsy have made it possible for people to enter the world of online selling without any capital investment. Skilled at crafts? Setup an online store on Etsy and sell your products to the world. The platform makes it easy to market your products, while also handling the payments for you. eBay offers you the opportunity to sell new or used products online. You likely have items in your home that you no longer need or want. Instead of tossing the items in the trash or donating them, try making some money by selling them. There’s someone out there looking and willing to pay for them.  All you’ll need to do is signup for eBay and list your item(s).



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