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Airbnb Snapshot

San Francisco, CA


Airbnb.com is a website connecting people in locations around the world with travelers looking for alternatives to typical hotel accommodations. Airbnb offers an opportunity to earn income from home by renting short-term accommodations to guests, either when the owner is present as host or when the owner is away from the premises. Airbnb has so far listed properties in more than 19,000 cities worldwide on its website. Listings include professional photographs and reviews from past guests along with other essential information. Successful Airbnb accommodations typically offer a less expensive and more home-like alternative to hotel stays, and they can be anything from a single room to an entire estate.

The Airbnb website is intended for adults 18 years of age or older. Listing an accommodation on the website is free. Hosts are expected to complete a profile including a photo and information about hobbies, languages spoken and similar disclosures meant to establish trust and ease with potential guests. Airbnb handles all transactions and requires use of its private messaging system for secure communications between hosts and potential guests.

Homeowners set their own rental rates. Airbnb retains three percent and releases the remainder 24 hours after the guest has checked in. Hosts can choose from available payment options; in the U.S., payment by check, PayPal and direct deposit are all available. Airbnb also charges guests a booking fee of 6 to 12 percent on top of the listed rent.

How to apply:
To create a listing, go to http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/new. As part of the process you will be asked to sign up through Facebook or with your email address.

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